“A contemporary sound, a unique lineup. This modern jazz ensemble from The Netherlands has a European approach to an American art form. Four incredible musicians dive into a world of interplay and storytelling.” 

Concerts include original material, standards and arranged songs.

// Franz von Chossy

Winner of the Dutch Jazz Competition, 2nd prize in the Montreux Jazz Solo Piano Competition, Franz has looked at improvisation and composition from every possible angle. His playing is defined by creativity, a beautiful sound and precision.

Eran Har Even \\

Nominated for an Edison (NL) in 2017 and winner of the Keep an Eye the Records competition, Eran is known for his versatility and lyrical phrasing. Control, thought and energy are the words best describing his musicianship.

// Jeroen Batterink

Drummer for the Vuma Ian Levin Quintet, IKARAI and the Dutch Wind Ensemble. Winner of the Keep an Eye the Records Competition (twice), and Edison nominee. Jeroen has a modern view on music and takes inspiration from every possible angle. 

Camiel Jansen \\ 

Bassplayer and composer for IKARAI, and composer for the project MUHAMMAD: the Rumble in the Jungle in concert. His style is broader than jazz, borrowing from classical music and folk elements.